Startups Investors

Pitch Preparation

Besides a great idea, you should also be able to clearly present your vision, product, startup to the investor. We will help you to create a deck that meets the investor's standards both in structure and content.

Deal Preparation

The pitch deck is like a book that tells your story to the investor. In addition to your pitch deck, we take your storytelling to a whole new level, evaluate your startup and prepare your perfect investor approach.

Investor Pitching

We will pitch your startup to our network, initiate talks with investors and cover all aspects of the negotiations. We can also assist you in submitting your pitch to the most successful accelerator programs.

Growth Management

After the game is before the game. After a successful financing round we can take care of your entire financing strategy and support you in all areas of communication and reporting operations to the investors.

Co-Investor Sourcing

We identify and connect you with potential co-investors from our global network, who pursue identical goals and represent same values and have similar investment criteria and geographical focus as your fund.

Deal Sourcing

Based on your fund focus and investment criteria, we identify the right opportunities for you from our start-up network and the investment targets of our investor network and introduce you to the decision makers.

Deal Management

After successful deal sourcing, we not only introduce you to the potential investment targets, but we also support you during the entire investment process, from initiating the first meeting to the deal closure.

Growth Support

We support you in the monitoring process of your portfolio start-up and accompany it during its growth by covering the areas of performance reporting, funding strategy and the search for follow-up investors.