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Our Services – Startups
Pitch Preparation

We help startups to impress investors by polishing their story, building eye-catching pitch decks, and improving their presentation game. Our personalized coaching, practice pitches, and inside info on investors make sure you leave a lasting impression and raise the funding you need. With our solid background in the VC world, you can tackle the fundraising process like a pro, level up your pitch, and boost your chances of landing the perfect investors.

Deal Preparation

We streamline the venture capital process, handle financial, commercial and tech due diligence, carry out deal structuring, establish and maintain an organized data room, and lead post-deal integration. Our expert support throughout the process ensures a seamless and positive experience for all involved parties. Trust us with the complexities of the deal, freeing you to concentrate on turning your vision into reality and propelling your company's growth.

Fundraising / Pitching

We actively showcase your startup to our vast VC network, connect with potential investors, and take care of negotiations to secure terms that fit your long-term goals and boost growth. Leverage our expertise in the VC world to confidently navigate the fundraising process, increasing your chances of success. Plus, we offer guidance for submitting your pitch to top-tier accelerator programs, amplifying your startup's growth opportunities even more.

Post-Deal Management

We deliver comprehensive Post-Deal Management & Investor Relations services to ensure effective communication, reporting, performance monitoring, and investor engagement. Our ongoing support and guidance help you manage investor relationships and capital utilization with confidence. By collaborating with us, you can maintain trust and foster strong partnerships that drive long-term success for your startup.

Growth Management

We develop customized sales strategies, facilitate market expansion, optimize sales processes, and train sales teams to increase revenue and broaden market reach. We deliver actionable insights derived from key sales metrics, enabling your startup to realize its full revenue potential and excel as a market leader. By engaging with our services, you'll experience enhanced sales performance and sustainable growth.

Foundation / Relocation

We provide tailored services to help your startup establish a strong presence in target locations such as Europe, the USA, or the UAE. We assist in market research, legal entity setup, operations establishment, team building, and creating localized strategies. By partnering with us, you can smoothly tackle global expansion or relocation challenges, streamline transitions, and secure lasting international success for your startup.

Our Approach
Assessing the readiness of the startup

We evaluate the startup's readiness by analyzing their business model, market size, and growth potential. This process involves identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and providing guidance on any necessary adjustments or pivots.

Identifying suitable investors

We compile a targeted list of potential investors, assessing their fit based on industry focus, investment stage, and funding preferences. By leveraging our extensive network, we facilitate introductions to suitable investors for the startup's specific needs.

Get the startup VC ready

We help startups prepare for fundraising by crafting a strong pitch and creating an engaging pitch deck. Additionally, we assist with financial modeling, forecasting, setting up a well-structured data room, and preparing a comprehensive due diligence package.

Facilitating investor meetings

We support startups during fundraising by coordinating investor meeting logistics and providing guidance during presentations. Our expertise ensures startups can effectively address investor questions and concerns, leading to a more successful outcome.

Negotiating term sheets

We offer expert advice on reviewing and negotiating term sheets, ensuring favorable terms that align with the startup's vision. By coordinating legal and financial reviews and assisting with documentation, we ensure a smooth and timely closing process.

Investor relations and reporting

We help startups to build effective communication and reporting routines with their investors. Our guidance in managing investor expectations and fostering strong relationships helps them with investor updates, reporting, and preparations for board meetings.

Ongoing support & growth management

We offer ongoing strategic advice and operational support to help startups scale their business, enter new markets, and drive growth. By linking them with valuable partnerships, we ensure sustained support for future funding rounds or exit planning.

Our Services – Investors
Deal Sourcing

We provide tailored deal sourcing services to match your VC's investment criteria by leveraging our network and industry expertise. By focusing on specific sectors and geographies, we identify high-potential startups and offer warm introductions. Our customized deal alerts and collaborative approach ensure a consistent pipeline of quality investment opportunities for our VC clients.

Screening & Evaluation

Our deal screening and evaluation process assesses potential investments based on your VC's criteria, examining factors such as team, product-market fit, and market potential. We conduct a thorough financial analysis and risk assessment to gauge the startup's viability and sustainability. By providing a comprehensive understanding of each opportunity, we enable our VC clients to make informed investment decisions.

Due Diligence Support

We provide comprehensive due diligence support, covering financial, operational, and technical aspects of potential investments. By evaluating market and customer insights, conducting management interviews, and assessing strategic fit with the VC's portfolio, we help identify and mitigate risks. Our thorough due diligence process enables VC clients to make confident and informed investment decisions.


We enhance co-investment opportunities by pairing compatible investors, jointly performing due diligence, and structuring deals that benefit all parties involved. Our extensive network fosters relationship-building, and we support portfolio management and exit planning. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we enable VCs to access a broader range of investment opportunities and yield higher returns.

Portfolio Management

We help VCs to optimize their investments and manage risks effectively. We conduct continuous analysis of portfolio companies, tracking their progress and offering data-driven insights to inform strategic decisions. Additionally, we actively explore opportunities for collaboration within our network, facilitate cross-portfolio synergies,  and support VCs in the development and execution of tailored exit strategies for each investment.

Fundraising Support

Our services in LP relations and fundraising support empower VC firms to strengthen their relationships with current and potential investors. We help to develop persuasive performance updates and promotional content that highlights the fund's unique value proposition. Our expert team helps to identify potential LPs for future funds and develop targeted strategies to build strong relationships.

Our Approach
Investment criteria & goals

We get a better understanding of the investment focus, criteria, and goals of our VC clients. This includes their preferred industry sectors, funding stages, target return on investment, and geographical preferences.

Deal sourcing

We leverage our network, industry knowledge, and market insights to source quality investment opportunities for our VC clients. We ensure that the opportunities align with their investment criteria and strategic focus.

Deal screening & evaluation

We perform initial assessments of the sourced deals to determine their potential for success. Next, we provide our VC clients with a shortlist of carefully vetted startups that meet their investment criteria and growth potential.

Due diligence support

We assist our VC clients in conducting thorough financial, operational, and technical due diligence on the shortlisted startups. This may include financial analysis, market research, management team evaluations, and tech stack / code checks.

Co-investment opportunities

We identify and facilitate co-investment opportunities for our VC clients, connecting them with other investors from our vast VC network who share similar objectives and complement their investment strategy.

Term sheet negotiation

We support our VC client throughout the negotiation process, ensuring that the terms of the investment are favorable for both parties. We help to finalize the deal and manage any necessary documentation.

Portfolio management

We provide ongoing assistance in managing our VC client's portfolio. This includes tracking performance, monitoring key milestones, and offering strategic advice to optimize returns and mitigate risks.

Investor relations & reporting

We ensure that our VC clients maintain strong relationships with their LPs through regular communication and transparent reporting on the performance of their investments.

LP fundraising support

We assist our VC clients in raising additional funds from LPs by showcasing their successful investments, presenting compelling investment strategies, and facilitating introductions to potential LPs.

Exit strategy support

We help our VC clients identify and execute optimal exit strategies for their investments, maximizing returns and ensuring a successful conclusion to their investment journey.

Our Approach – Corporate Venture Capital
Initial consultation

We schedule a meeting with our corporate clients to understand their objectives, industry focus, and investment strategy, as well as any specific challenges they face.

Customized service plan

We develop a tailored service plan that addresses our clients' unique needs, covering aspects such as deal sourcing, due diligence, co-investment opportunities, and post-investment portfolio management.

Deal sourcing & screening

We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to identify and screen potential investment opportunities that align with our clients' strategic goals and risk appetite.

Due diligence support

We conduct comprehensive due diligence on potential investments, providing our corporate clients with in-depth analysis and insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

Co-investment opportunities

We identify and facilitate co-investment opportunities, enabling our corporate clients to invest alongside other strategic partners, spreading risk and maximizing potential returns.

Innovation scouting & partnership facilitation

We actively scout for innovative startups and technologies within our clients' industries, connecting them with potential partners to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and accelerate growth.

Post-investment portfolio management

After the investment, we provide ongoing support in managing our clients' portfolios, monitoring performance, identifying growth opportunities, and advising on follow-on investments, recapitalizations, or JV activities.

Reporting & communication

We ensure regular communication and reporting between our corporate clients and their portfolio companies, enabling transparency and fostering strong relationships.

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