Why choose Us.

Most startups are great at innovating, but struggle to pitch their solutions to the investor. VCs waste too much time in unstructured reports and pitch material, which only affect their decision-making processes.

Our Mission.

We want startups and investors to focus on their core tasks and strengths rather than the day-to-day challenges. We want them to do what they enjoy most and what they do best, while we take care of everything else!

What we Do.

We cover all areas of deal preparation, as well as support startups to raise and VCs to invest venture capital, and „after-deal“ management. We connect startups with investors and investors with potential co-investors for their deals.

Angels and venture
capital investors within
our network
Startups with a total
value of over €5B to
whom we have access
Evaluations of startups
from around the world from
seed to later venture stages
Raised from Seed to Series B
rounds by startups for whom
we created pitch decks

Founder & Chief Executive Agent

Kirill Babich
Experience from venture capital,
venture building and strategic
management consulting
Built startups within FoodTech,
SportsTech, FinTech, 3D printing,
AI and eCommerce industry
Created pitch decks for startups
within FinTech, PropTech,
FoodTech and AdTech industry
Rated 500+ business models and
analyzed over 150 pitch decks
from early stage venture rounds
International professional
experience from Germany,
Switzerland, UK, USA and Russia
Passionate about startups,
innovations, venture capital,
sports, traveling and networking